Icelandair is bringing the Northern Lights into reach for the passengers of its new spectacle flight – Hekla Aurora. Iceland is one of the few places on earth where the magnetic phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis can be witnessed, and showing great pride in this, its national airline has redesigned a Boeing 757 to replicate the naturally occurring swirling light show.  

The aircraft has been decorated both inside and out. A highly specialised team of airbrush artists painted the outside of the aircraft by dividing it into small sections and working only from a small printed picture as the cue. Whereas on the inside, a choreographed light show of LED lights, arranged on the aircraft's ceiling, gently duplicate the atmospheric lighting of the northern lights, which is accompanied by a soundtrack of soft Icelandic music. 

Hekla Aurora is part of Icelandair's MyStopover campaign, which sees passengers able to stopover at the capital city of Rejyavik, before continuing on to other transatlantic destinations. The distinguished aircraft is sure to be the envy of the runway, and gives passengers a chance to ensure they don't miss the magical light show.

Iceland air has released a special 'making of' video, illustrating the craftsmanship that was poured into the project. Take a look below: 

Northern Lights plane