When thinking about top global surf spots, the likes of Bali, Bondi and Waikiki may spring to mind but now the humble swell of Wales is trying to edge in on some of that action thanks to Steve Davies and Jo Dennison, the multiple British and Welsh surf champions. The duo are setting up the first 'wave garden' in Europe – Surf Snowdonia. 

Set to open this August, the surf garden will be eco-friendly using hydroelectricity to power the wave machine, that sits in the former aluminium plant location. The plant is full of rainwater and has now been fashioned into a surfable wave: "It is like a real wave – a point break. The progression rate in training is also fantastic, as you get so many waves," said Dennison. "It's going to be a great training facility if you are working on your pop-up or some manoeuvres." Check out the wave in action in the video above. Hang ten Wales.