The Dubai 360 Spherical Projection Theatre is a new pioneering experience – a collaboration between The Dubai Mall, and the new interactive platform, Dubai 360, that recently launched, offering groundbreaking technology and a completely new way to experience the city of Dubai. 

The impressive pop-up sphere, which spans 15m in diameter and features a projection theatre within, can be found in the mall's Star Atrium. 

With state-of-the-art technology, visitors will be able to enter the sphere and quite literally climb inside the Internet and Dubai 360's cutting-edge digital address, experience Dubai and the Dubai 360 content from every angle, in this ultimate and immersive environment. 

The Dubai 360 Spherical Projection Theatre will be open for a limited time of two weeks only, so don't delay and be sure to take a camera...

Dubai 360

The Dubai 360 Spherical Projection Theatre is located at the Star Atrium, The Dubai Mall and opens to the public March 5 2015 for two weeks only