Buro 24/7 last month brought you news of the crystalline Amethyst Hotel, which will be sited on the man-made island – Ocean Flower in China. The holistic hotel design comes from the Amsterdam-based, NL Architects. 

Word is out that the developer, Guangzhou-based Evergrande Group is looking for the perfect hotel investor and new locations and they have their eyes on Dubai:

"We imagine that Dubai would be the perfect habitat for a gem like the Amethyst Hotel," said Kamiel Klaasse, from NL Architects. "We very much hope that we will be able to attract a hotelier that would like to eventually build a chain of these, all slightly different, all special on different locations."

The hotel is designed to look like a cross-section of a natural geological formation, and the rooms are located around the central void of the building. The inner heart of the building is formed by crystalline clusters that organically adorn the interiors. Each of the rooms will benefit from direct proximity to the special gem

Dubai is known for its cutting edge architecture and affinity with luxury. Do you think the Amethyst Hotel would fit in well in Dubai?