British Airways is taking strides to compete with its luxurious counterparts such as Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, by upgrading it's seating across all cabins on its main routes. Peter Cooke, BA's lead in-house designer, has proposed a series of upgrades to the economy, premium economy and business class seating, which would see passengers enjoy more personal space as well as allow for families and traveling companions to interact more easily with opposite facing seat arrangements.

British Airways proposes more comfortable seating upgrade

Economy seats would enjoy a more flexible reclining feature and improved head rest entertainment systems. Premium economy would be dramatically changed from its current row formation, to become arranged in an alternative forward facing seat arrangement (like many business class cabins), with the aim of allowing families and travel companions to communicate more easily in-flight. Business class would see family cabins allow passengers to request seats that face each other across an adjoining centre table, rather than being restricted by partitions and tray tables. All that remains is for the BA executives to give the green light to these proposed improvements.