According to the WSJ, Apple are in talks to create an electric car – the iCar – to compete with the likes of Telsa. The iconic tech giant, which announced figures over the $700 billion valuation mark last week, is said to have hired a huge team to create the new vehicle, which reportedly looks like a minivan.

According to insiders, Apple are working on the project under the code name 'Titan'. The reports goes on to say that Apple have hired an incredible amount of manpower, and recruited top talents from companies such as Mercedes-Benz to suggest that "something along the lines of automobile manufacturing is underway at Apple."

However, we must not get too excited, as there is another theory doing the circuit. Some say that Apple is not creating an actual vehicle, but instead, is working on technology for motors – a smart dashboard.

Buro 24/7 will of course, keep you posted as the story unfolds...