Following an earlier report today that Apple might be planning to sell its highly-anticipated Apple Watch in dedicated stores – here we are again talking about the tech giant, but this time its rumoured electric car project.

As first reported on Buro 24/7 Middle East last week, Apple are said to be working on an electric car debut – a project that has been dubbed 'Titan'. The vehicle is said to be being created by the Cupertino tech giant to offer up competition for the likes of Telsa. 

New reports have now surfaced that 'Titan' could see the light of day as early as 2020. Apple are yet to confirm the electric car rumours, and some have offered up counter suggestions – with sources saying that Apple are not working on a physical car, but a smart dashboard, which could be placed in any car and transform it into a smartcar. 

WSJ first reported last week that Apple had poached key employees from Telsa and Mercedes-Benz, which sparked the 'Titan' rumours. 

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