William Hague has revealed that Angelina Jolie inspired him to step down from government this week. The former Foreign Secretary and current Leader of the House of Commons has announced that he will not contest his seat at the General Election in May after what he calls "The Angelina Jolie Effect". Hague will continue his mission with the actress and UN Ambassador to help resolve the issue of sexual violence being used as a weapon in war torn countries.

“It is too important to leave it,” Hague told the Evening Standard. “The momentum has to be maintained, and we have to show that it is possible to take action all over the world.”

“Angelina has done so much,” he continued. “She is very, very knowledgeable about this. She is incredibly dedicated to the cause.”

Jolie and Hague first met at the foreign office screening of her directorial debut In The Land of Blood and Honey back in 2011. The film, Hague noted, “helped bring everything together” for him.

Angelina Jolie inspired William Hague to step down from government