The world of superyachts is an unmistakably competitive one, gadgets, materials and luxurious comfort are all important things to check off the list but when it comes down to it – size is everything. An Australian design team, and design firm, Motion Code: Blue, have produced designs for an enormous oil tanker-sized, superyacht that is targeted at the Gulf region. 

The mega structure has been named Imāra, which is the Arabic work for Emirate. It is based on a 280-meter long SuezMax tanker platform and measures an enormous 918ft in length, the luxury boat is nearly double the length of the world's biggest existing superyacht, Azzam, which is owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family, and measures 590ft. 

Take a look at the 280 metre oil tanker turned luxury yacht

"Based on the dimensions and hull geometries of common 280-metre long SuezMax tankers, the design studio's concept was to improve the aesthetics of nowadays oil tankers by developing a private tanker-based yacht with emphasis to the preferences of Middle East clients who are willing to show their national pride and their country's resources by using a modified and upcycled oil tanker as private luxury floating residence." said Christian Gumpold, managing director of Motion Code: Blue. He goes on to say: "The overall exterior design concept was to generate a highly precious aesthetic combined with modern architecture-like elements but also incorporating every state-of-the art-superyacht feature." 

Take a look at the 280 metre oil tanker turned luxury yacht

The impressive vessel is decked out with a host of state-of-the-art and luxurious features. There will be 11 different decks to enjoy and a large atrium, which will be located above the beach clubs and wet garages, and spans four levels, to provide sensational views of the all encompassing boat. While the fore deck will be elevated to accommodate three helipads, it will also be able to hold two choppers in its indoor hangar. The hull is tastefully painted with white and gold paint. 

In a ship this large, even a long voyage might not allow guests enough time to explore its far reaching realms so it has been designed with interior speedways that allow guests to drive their personally assigned BMW i3 car around, for increased mobility and accessibility. Each residents cabin has a private garage outside to keep the car. For entertainment there something for everyone, a ski slope, luxury pools, bars and eateries. It really gives new meaning to the saying "all at sea" – this yacht really does seem to have it all.