Victoria Marr and Flik Swan are the founders of Sleek Technique, a new and one-of-a-kind virtual gym experience in the comfort of your own home – where guests, or users, have a choice of participating in ballet based online live classes, a private class, or on the go downloadable classes.

Living a fast-paced life doesn't always allow us time to take care of our bodies and souls; so such effective and attainable programs are welcomed, especially in the Middle East. Ballet is being recognised as the athletic art it is; adding this element of artistry to exercise means it becomes far more interesting to do regularly so you want to keep doing it long term. Aside from getting your body in dancer-like shape, Sleek Technique ballet workouts have a strong focus on muscle symmetry, good posture, and injury prevention.

Both Flik and Victoria are very friendly and will probably start a class with a chat asking the participants what they would like to focus on... And in about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of class, guests will sweat off all the day's sorrows and trials.

Sleek classes are live and interactive so you see and hear your trainer on your laptop and vice versa throughout the whole class. The atmosphere is comfortable, on the long run highly effective, and most importantly, fun! The two founders created a highly effective, attainable series of workouts based on their dance training and experience. Those living in London or New York will find an abundance of fitness classes and studios to attend but when it comes to further afield, getting a professional ballet dancer and expert trainer to lead you through your workout is near impossible.

Flik and Victoria met at ballet school at the age of 11 and trained side by side for 6 years. At 18-years-old, Flik won her first principal role in the revival of the Broadway hit A Chorus Line while Victoria was invited to join the renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet Company. High work ethic and lots of sacrifices have shaped their lives and business into an instant success...

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