The number one rule is to set attainable goals. So often I hear people say: "I'm going to quite smoking, dairy, sugar and train everyday." This just won't work — you'll last a week, maybe two, at most and you'll be back to your old ways in no time. Be kind to yourself as you embark on this new positive mindset and set some short- and long-term goals that are actually plausible. This might be giving up dairy or sugar in the short term and giving up smoking and sticking to your minimum amount of training sessions per week in the long term. Keep it fairly simple and only set goals you're genuinely ready for and believe you can achieve. 

Goals are really important to focus on but don't fixate on them. Results can take time and if you don't see them as quickly as you might like, you might get thrown off track. Try to enjoy your training and nutritional plan — focus mainly on those and the results will come if you're consistent. Consistency and accepting the fact the results will come if you keep your head down and stay with it is so important. There will be ups and downs but stay positive and take the rough with the smooth.

We all want a six-pack, lean toned arms and to feel energised and fit, but remember these things don't come overnight. This needs to be a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

The best tip I can give anyone starting a new regime or nutritional plan — and I've given it time and time again — is that if you have a bad day, week or even month it's not all over, just get back at it as soon as you can. Don't give up. 

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