With a new executive gymnasium now open at the exclusive Capital Club, it seems that D5 is quickly becoming the go-to for business . Buro 24/7 Middle East spoke with D5 founder James Heagney to find out more about the new concept as well as to seek fitness tips.

What is unique about the D5 concept and how did it come about?

D5 stands for the 5 dimensions of health: exercise, nutrition, supplementation, repair and education. I created this system after realising that in order to get the quickest most effective results with a client, optimising their health was essential. It's a bigger tool box to draw from if you like.

Many similar training approaches are the same but labelled differently... Is this also the case with D5?

I agree with you! However our training approach is just one aspect of our business and to just focus on this would be very one-dimensional. It's the combination of the 5 Dimensions that gets the results. We have some of the leading trainers in the region on our coaching team and we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and scientifically backed training methods.

What are the main differences between training Capital Club clients and the clientele from more mainstream gyms?

Capital Club clients are high achieving business executives so that brings a host of specialised circumstances. You have to factor in high stress levels and long haul travel, which effect training volume, digestion and sleep significantly. Normalising sleep patterns is one of the first things we usually do. As for perks, you get the best equipment, staff, amenities and exclusive services in a very private setting.

What is your fitness advice for socialites?

Enjoy your training, set goals and train hard. To offset the lifestyle I would actually recommend they look after the integrity of the stomach. If you look after this you'll be able to manage that rock n roll lifestyle!

Which three exercises should everyone be doing, especially those who are constantly travelling?

The exercises will vary on the ability of the individual and the goal of the client. If they are more advanced I love pull-ups, squat variations and deadlifts done with perfect form. We actually provide clients with travelling workouts in order to maximise results in very nominal time. The workout plan is personalised depending on the location and time on the ground. When travelling you can never underestimate the effectiveness of a bodyweight circuit performed in your hotel room with absolutely no equipment.

Iron initiative: D5 founder James Heagney on fitness

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