Elle Macpherson has just taken her glowing collection of antioxidant supplements to the next level with the launch of Aerin x The Super Elixir. Macpherson, the Co-Founder of Welleco, a range of organic, gluten-free and vegan supplements from Australia, took her must-have collection of powders, and in collaboration with Aerin Lauder — the granddaughter of beauty empire entreprenuer, Estee Lauder — created a limited-edition gold ceramic Caddy. Aerin x The Super Elixir comes complete with 600g of Alkalising Greens, which is double the size of the usual paper portions created by Welleco. 

Super Elixr

The new special edition is available now at welleco.com, aerin.com, netaporter.com, Selfridges in the UK and David Jones in Australia. Also don't miss Aerin Lauder's interview with Buro 24/7.