Dubai-based Detox Delight is bringing Hollywood's newest beauty secret to Dubai with a new range of detox drinks that contain activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has abundant health benefits and has been used in ancient medicine for its natural properties that get rid of toxins and acids, it also has effective antivirus and antibacterial powers.

Although we've come to see green as the key indication of a major nutrient hit when it comes to juicing, this 'new' absorbent natural detoxifier comes in a striking black colour. It works  by attaching itself onto toxins, chemicals, cholesterol and other dangerous substances in the body, and in doing so helps to guide them out of the body. This bottle by Detox Delight comes in a delicious mix with lemon juice and cayenne and is an excellent 'morning flush' that helps cleanse, alkalize and kick-start your system for the day ahead.

Made in the UAE and available in three drinks, including Black Lemonade, Grey Nutmilk and Black Beauty Shot, this black detox miracle is set to change the way we detox.