Top 5: Must-try exercise trends for 2016

Top 5: Must-try exercise trends for 2016

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Text: Chloe Allan

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Get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping with Buro 24/7 Middle East's newest must-try exercises for 2016...


es, it's nearly time to reign in the New Year and what better way to begin 2016 than getting that step closer to achieving your dream body. We predict that everyone's number one new year's resolution will be to exercise more but tired of the treadmill-like effect of the gym? Then look no further because Buro 24/7 Middle East has five of the newest trending exercises to try and they're all available in the Middle East...

1. Alfa Gravity 

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How it works? Alfa Gravity is definitely one of the most unique ways to get your heart pumping. This one-of-a-kind workout places your body into unusual gravity-defying positions whilst being harnessed to the ceiling. Alfa Gravity is designed to improve your body in numerous ways including muscle strengthening, build body endurance, and it helps you to balance, boost and maintain your metabolism, whilst you experience an entire body workout. 

Where? Park Avenue, Silicon Oasis, Dubai. Visit 

2. Aqua Biking

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How it works? Think spinning but underwater. Dubai's newest exercise class is performed on specially designed bikes made for water and it combines cycling with aerobics. This unique concept burns up to 700 calories in 45 minutes, gives you a whole body workout and reduces body fat and cellulite. The fact that it's performed underwater also reduces the pressure on your heart, which most other exercises can't. 

Where? Villa 677 A, Al Wasl Road, Dubai. Visit 

3. Cardiolates

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How it works? Cardiolates is Dubai's brand new and exciting discipline all the way from New York City. Combining cardiovascular and physiological benefits, this unique form of exercise focuses on core strengthening whilst bouncing up and down. The key to success with cardiolates is that you're able to burn fat while improving your posture. This fun and exhilirating class proves to burn more calories than jogging, at the exact same intensity.

Where? Pilates Academy, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. Visit 

4. Bouldering 

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How it works? An exercise for everyone, bouldering has become the must-try for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. What seems a scary concept with no harnesses or ropes is proving to be one of the best full-body wokouts you can put yourself through. Not only does it sculpt and tone but it builds a great amount of body strength in only a few sessions. 

Where? Rock Republic, Dubai Investments Park.

5. Yoga Tune-Up

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How it works? This unique form of exercise is created using therapy balls and classic yoga positions. The corrective workout is aimed to decrease pain by concentrating on your pressure points. It's also performed to improve posture and increase muscle definition — the body benefits of yoga.

Where? Optimal Fitness, Commercial Offices Studio City, Dubai. Visit

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