Reserv, the restaurant concierge app for high-end dining in Dubai, has officially been launched. Eighty of the city's best restaurants are included in the extensive list, including top tier tables at La Petite Maison, Zuma, Coya, Novikov, and La Cantine du Faubourg.

Placing a reservation is easy! Simply scroll through the list of A-list restaurants, choose, indicate table size and timing and voila — a confirmation email will be sent to you within minutes. In the event that a booking is unavailable, Reserv will offer you several alternative restaurants available at your chosen time. 

While it may seem like any other booking app, there are several differences that make Reserv different. For instance, it is the first mobile-only concierge app focused on the high-end restaurant market in Dubai, and therefore the only app that can guarantee you a reservation in one of the city's finest restaurants. Also, as the restaurants are not obliged to pay for the service, Reserv ensures that only the best gastronomic hot spots are included, rather than those who pay the most.

Reserv is planning to conquer other luxury services too. For more information, visit Reserv, or download the free app the Apple App Store. The only cost is a small service fee, which is charged each time you make a reservation.