Buro 24/7 were lucky enough to get the full Valentine's treatment, in a preview of the exquisite Valentine's Day package that Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar has carefully put together. The combination of a luxury chauffeur pick up and drop off, a red carpet on arrival and a five course adventure in culinary excellence, by the award winning chef Amrish Sood, not to mention a few extra surprises along the way, is our pick for an evening of Valentine's romance.

We were swept up by our impeccable chauffeur and driven, in comfortable style, whilst enjoying in-car Wifi and a refreshing cold towel, to the record-breaking JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, where the chivalrous staff practically delivered us to the fourth-floor-door of the Michelin Star-backed Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar. 

 Rang Mahal unveil luxurious romantic dining experience

The restaurant's decor couldn't be more suited to the essence of Valentine's, with soft amber lighting and interiors to match, punctuated by dark framed dining chairs and two outsized hand-worked paintings, by a Sri Lankan artist, we learned as the hostess guided us through the restaurant concept and pointed out the open tandoor kitchen, in her erudite introduction. 

Our gastronomical anticipation had been mounting since before the driver collected us, the restaurant's reputation, credentials and multiple award-winning team is quite enough to whip any food-lover in to a bit of a frenzy, but our guided menu tour really piqued our excitement. Before the food arrived we were asked to select the 'essence' of our meal, from the choice of green cardamom or saffron. An element of the chosen spice will be woven into the creation of the menu, to give for a more personalised experience. 

First came the 'Tranquility of Ocean' course, an artistic sea-themed presentation of lobster chapatte, marangi kekada and jhinga achari, in mouthful morsels to whet the palette, complete with a tiny bottle of house-made juice with the essence of the spice. Before our next course arrived we were visited by a mixologist and a vintage bar cart. A charming surprise activity to shake-up the evening, that sees the ladies asked to create a signature drink of their own for their dining partner, with a delicious choice of flavours and wonderful garnishes, that includes edible flowers, which go perfectly with the red rose that is presented to the female guests.

 Rang Mahal unveil luxurious romantic dining experience

The 'Tingling Potatoes', were a revelation in potatoes as far as we are concerned, a wonderfully imaginative dish that incorporated a hint of sweet pomegranate, in just the right quantity. Shortly after came a luxurious 'Sizzling Scallop' with a semolina base, savour the flavour because once it's gone, it's gone, and you might find yourself wondering if such deliciousness could be replicated. Well, yes, it can actually, because the 'Nestling of Poultry' was presented soon after in a tiered display with a smoking coal centre, and the speared tandoori murgh, bhune batter and smoked duck did not disappoint. 

Then comes the main, which is a choice of tender braised lamb shoulder or butter poached lobster (the latter of which, Buro 24/7 recommends) both come with an assortment of accompaniments, which may or not be necessary depending on your appetite, but they are delicious none-the-less. 

This seductive and exotic menu is creatively punctuated by an outpouring of sweetness. Much to our delight, the chef personally came to our table and presented a marble slate 'canvas' and proceeded to construct an intricate dessert masterpiece. Layering flavours and flair, each with a story and an explanation, until the finished work of art was ready to be devoured. It looked too good to eat, but we can assure you, it is too good not to eat. 

 Rang Mahal unveil luxurious romantic dining experience

The treats won't stop until you are out of the door. We were handed a little memento of the evening as we left, which included an exotic box of chocolates and some handmade rose-sugar powder complete with recipe card, to recreate the signature Bengal cheesecake at home. We had such a wonderful evening we almost forget about the luxurious ease of being returned home courtesy of our evening's chauffeur, who knew exactly where to go. 

The five-course Valentine's day menu package is 950AED per couple, and it could just be what love tastes like...