Mikado already has a strong following in Abu Dhabi where the Mikado Café is churning out Japanese cuisine. Now the traditional Asian food concept is in Dubai, sans sushi. "Since Mikado Bakery's soft opening, many customers have asked for sushi, with many remembering the great tasting sushi that the café in Abu Dhabi serves," shared Ayaesha Pagdiwalla of ALSA Food Restaurants & Management. "So to satisfy our customer demands, we will include sushi as part of the menu sometime next month."

For now though Mikado, which means 'emperor' in Japanese, will be serving up their authentic Japanese bread and pastries. Japanese bakery chef Yoshio Nishiyama has brought in the magic of Yakitate (freshly baked) Japanese breads to the UAE and Mikado Bakery uses only Japanese rice flour imported from Japan. Some of its best-sellers include the Matcha Cream Pan, a classic cream sweet bread with a dose of green tea and the Azuki Red Velvet cake, made form Japanese red beans. Yum! To cater to the local palette, traditional desserts like dorayaki have been jazzed up with Nutella and bananas.

The interior setting too borrows heavily from Japanese eateries. "The interior is filled with wood and earthy tones, using elements which are close to nature and reflecting the traditional Japanese holistic lifestyle," said Pagdiwalla.

Mikado Bakery is open for breakfast everyday and closes at midnight.