The popular Pier 7, Marina-based eatery Fümé is set to open a second venue in Downtown Dubai "before the summer". The new location will form part of the revamped Manzil Downtown hotel. 

Since opening at Pier 7 last year, the no-frills restaurant, with its gritty industrial chic interiors and eclectic but not fussy menu of 'wholesome food from around the world' has proven to be a roaring success with the Marina crowd. The restaurant, which even smokes its own meat and seafood onsite with coconut husks used in place of coal, will receive a sophisticated elevation in the new Downtown Dubai location, with focus aimed at a stunning terraced area. 

What is the secret to Fümé's success? "It's a local brand; that's the key. There are enough talents here in Dubai and you see more and more good home-grown concepts, so you don't necessarily have to buy the big names from other parts of the world and hope that they work.

"I think the home grown concepts are very strong, people know what they're doing here and they have a good following, and expectations are very high here." says Stefan Viard, general manager. And we tend to agree...