The man who unwittingly started the farm-to-table fresh food movement back in the eighties – Jonathan Waxman – is opening up a new Jams restaurant in New York. Waxman's first Upper East Side Jams was a revelation in fresh seasonal cooking when it opened in 1984, frequented by Andy Warhol and Andy Rooney to name a few.

"I was trained by Alice Waters to not serve asparagus when they weren't in season," explains Waxman, "It's a simple thing." He continues. "I cook the way I cook. I don't think it's very complicated. The whole tweezer thing, I get it, I get why cooks want to be artists. I'm very happy eating that type of food once in a while. But on a regular basis I want the kind of food that I serve."

The new location can be found off the lobby of the new 1 Hotel Central Park in Manhattan. With unfussy interiors that match the ethos of the menu and it's ingredients, we predict that New Yorker's will eat up this fresh new hotspot.