Global innovative architectural firm, NBBJ, has designed a pair of towers that do not cast a shadow. London is not known for its abundant sunshine, and the architects at NBBJ are doing their bit to help ensure that what light does shine through, is not cast into shadow. 


The proposed towers have been designed for the regeneration of the Greenwich peninsular. The designs employ the use of highly reflect surface materials being used on the towers, to reflect each others shadows back into light. A study of the sun's movement throughout the day across the location, on the global timeline, has informed the designers on how to model the curvature of the buildings and where to place them in relation to each other. Shadows behind each building will still be cast but the over all the designs could see a reduction of up to 60 per cent. 

Take a look at the video below which explains in greater detail, the science and precision behind these architectural art forms...