Design house, Les Ateliers Flown, have designed the ultimate desk for career high flyers – the Cantilevers Desk, constructed from the winglet of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. At Buro 24/7 we appreciate repurposed furniture and this is a stunning example. 

The streamlined winglet measures four metres in length and follows an aerodynamic curve which eventually rests on the floor, the desk is stabilised on the opposite side by a sea-pearl granite block. This is a wonderful piece of sleek design that has the added benefit of symbolising any work taking place on it, really taking off. 

"This winglet had set the bar high and thus it was essential to sublimate it and exploiting the majesty of this part in applying noble materials and high-end finishing," the design studio said of the piece. 

The Cantilevers Desk will be offered at auction during the next aeronautics auction organised by the auction house Artcurial on March 2.

Les Ateliers Flown create desk out of Boeing 737-800 winglet