High Street concept COS, which is a member of the H&M family, has recently unveiled a new project featuring Emirati design talent Khalid Shafar. The new creative collaboration features in the COS Magazine Spring/Summer 15 issue. COS asked six enquiring minds, including Shafar, to explore the possibilities of a single square metre of white paper. Other contributors include the Swiss-born Berlin-based designer Julia Born, Amsterdam-based Anne Holtrop, Dutch duo Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug, Japanese publishing creative Hiroshi Eguchi, and Dutch artist Amie Dicke.

Shafar decided to examine the relationship between paper and luxury with his square metre. Whilst crisp white table linens and napkins are common place in fine dining establishments, the humble paper napkin is often associated with disposability and fast food. Creating a bespoke table setting for COS, which features bone china and pristine monogrammed paper, Shafar forces us to reconsider the status of paper with his new design.

Emirati design talent Khalid Shafar partners with COS