Governors Island in New York, is about to be adorned with two new innovative pavilions. Visitors to the island, which was reclaimed for public enjoyment in 2004, after two centuries as a military base, can expect to enjoy structural installations made from reclaimed items, as well a variety of oyster related implements, this summer. 

The winners of the fifth annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition have been announced and it is a tie-breaker between The Billion Oyster Pavilion, by New York-based BanG Studio, and Organic Growth, by Spanish architect Izaskun Chinchilla. 

Chinchilla's winning installation will be constructed out of broken umbrellas and bicycle wheels and other reclaimed everyday materials that will be woven and draped deliberately, into canopy of seemingly organic branches. Repurposing discarded materials to recreate forms commonly found in nature.

BanG Studio's proposal is for a structure built from some of the same materials that The New York Harbour School uses to cultivate oyster growth in New York's rivers and bays, from nylon rope and hose clamps, to perforated domed objects known in the trade as reef balls.

Now that the teams have been awarded the go-ahead to construct their fresh architectural forms, they need to seek adequate funding, through donations and a rousing Kickstarter campaign. The annual City of Dreams Pavilion series began in 2010, and has also seen a cloud-like form made out of recycled plastic bottles, built on the isle. Discover some of the design illustrations below...

NYC pav story

NYC pav story