In December 2014, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) unveiled its plans for a futuristic building in the Arabian Desert for Bee'ah's new headquarters. The leading environmental and waste management company announced that ZHA had won its design competition in 2013, commissioning the iconic architect to build its new headquarters in Sharjah, UAE.

Yesterday, Dezeen published a unique video exploring a fly-through animation of the new project. 

Hadid was inspired directly by the location's desert surroundings, revealing a structure that resembles a sand dune caught amidst a sand storm. The building will run on power generated from low and zero carbon sources, such as the nearby waste management centre that will covert municipal waste into energy.

The futuristic design encompasses 75,347 sq ft of floor space and a tranquil pool of reflective water surrounds the inner courtyard, whilst greenery peppers the interior via small grassy areas. Take a closer look at the video above.



Source: a closer look via the video above.