Rolls-Royce has unveiled its newest design to the attendees of the 2015 Rolls-Royce World Dealer Conference in Los Angeles, California yesterday. Where it also revealed the name of the new drophead model – Rolls-Royce Dawn.

“Our new Rolls-Royce Dawn promises a striking, seductive encounter like no other Rolls-Royce to date,” said Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Chief Executive Officer. “Dawn is a beautiful new open-top motor car with a name that suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds – an awakening, an opening up of one’s senses and a burst of sunshine. It will be the most social of super-luxury motor cars for those beautiful people who wish to bathe in the sunlight of the world’s social hotspots.”

Rolls-Royce Dawn belongs to the renaissance family of Rolls-Royce cars along with the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. It justifies the continuing investment of the BMW Group into the world’s pinnacle super-luxury brand. The name is borrowed from the 1950’s original Silver Dawn, which was the first Rolls-Royce to be offered with a factory-built body. The name also expresses the character of this elegant luxurious new model, which continues with the renewed promise and prosperity for the heritage car band.  

Rolls-Royce unveils its new drop head model