Emiratis design the UAE's first electric desert bike

Emiratis design the UAE's first electric desert bike

Designed by three university friends

Editor: Talar Bilemjian

Venturing into the desert in more than a sturdy 4x4 is now possible thanks to three Emiratis who have built a new bicycle that's ready to tackle the UAE's sand dunes on two wheels

The new Saluki, was designed by university friends Fahad Hareb, Saoud Khoory and Ali Al Madani, and is the country's first electric desert bike. Named after the breed of dog found in desert regions, the Saluki can be fitted with extra wide tyres that allow them to glide through the sandy desert terrain.

On the road, the bikes are capable of reaching top speed of 93kph, with a range of 80 kilometres. Speaking to The National, one of the creators Fahad Hareb said the silent motor bike has been the perfect companion for seeing wildlife on desert treks, as well as getting around the city faster. "I guarantee you I can get across the city quicker on an eBike than you could in your car or motorcycle," stated Hareb. "I don't have to stop for traffic lights, I can just hop on to the side walk.

The Saluki is one of five of bikes they sell through their company eBikes UAE, which was founded in March this year – already having sold 50 bikes so far, each of which was built and assembled in Hareb's home.

All that's left for the trio is for the Dubai Police to join in on the electric fun, as they have a special prototype built for the city's police force. "The bike is ready, we are just waiting for the police lights to arrive," Mr Hareb  said, "It's designed for patrolling crowded areas where a car or motorcycle wouldn't be able to go, like JBR on the weekend."



Emiratis design the first electric desert bike

Emiratis design the first electric desert bike

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