eBay hosts an impressive vintage car auction

eBay hosts an impressive vintage car auction

eBay Motors proves its worth

Editor: Buro 24/7

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We break down the coolest vintage rides, available to buy now via eBay Motors

Offering a wide range of new and used cars, motorcycles, parts and accessories – eBay Motors is hosting a super cool vintage car line up this week. Buro 24/7 runs down the best in show:

1969 R/S COPO Camaro
One of the most rare, powerful, and most legendary muscle cars of the 1960s, in almost all-original condition, and if you were in any doubt, it still comes with its original order telegram.


The Most Original Mini In North America
An extreme widebody kit gives this Mini handling something more akin to a bonafide race car, it's also been converted to rear-wheel drive, and the engine's been swapped with a 400 hp Honda VTEC unit.


1976 Ford Bronco
With a fresh 340 hp Ford 302 engine under the hood, a more-than-capable off-road suspension, and a modernised interior with an amazing sound system, this is a bronco worth the bucks.


2500 hp 1932 Ford Delivery Van
We're all for an original delivery van, and once you know that each of the supercharged 572 cid Hemis is putting out 1,250 horsepower, it makes this a must-have. The rest of the car's build is just as impressive with over $200,000 being spent making it look brand new.


1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible
There aren't a lot of cars available that are both pretty and rare enough to simultaneously be worthy candidates for Concours show duty – and priced at the level where you'd be foolish to drive it on the street. But this is one of them.


1968 Dodge Dart Hurst Hemi Replica
This is a faithful replica of a 1968 show car that Hurst first assembled. It's got over 650 horsepower under the hood, and easily the most fascinating tires we've seen. They're not coated... That's actually bespoke white rubber. 

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