Journey back in time with the new Pivot app that turns your smartphone into a portal to the past. Users are notified when near a "pivot point," so that they may hold their phone up to capture their viewpoint, which Pivot transforms into a genuine vintage image from the past, affording users a rare glimpse into the historical view of their surroundings. 

Created by Asma Jaber and her fiancée Sami Jitan, the app was inspired by a personal sense of heritage passed on from Jaber's father: "I wanted to create a way to let people see what my father's village looked like in the past," Jaber says, as she recalls how her father would tell detailed storied of his former home in Palestine. 

Tapping into genuine archive imagery, Pivot could offer a unique way to rediscover history. Currently only loaded up to cater to certain sites in Palestine and Boston USA, Jaber has already heard from people in Italy, Australia, Indonesia, and other parts of the US, who are interested in preserving their homes' history also. 

Jaber and Jitan managed to launch their historical project thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that exceeded its funding goals of $30,000 ahead of its deadline, proving that futuristic technology has not forgotten the past.