Following the sneak peek Buro 24/7 brought you last week, we are delighted to announce that today is the day that the thrilling and stunning 'Dubai 360' website goes live. The initiative is a Dubai Film project, brought to fruition by the skilled and dedicated team at Dubai 360, who employed the use of custom manufactured helicopter and metro mounts and collated half a million individual images to create the site's stunning time-lapse and stills panoramas.


The technical achievement of capturing endless frames of images from the most inaccessible places in Dubai – including the top of the Burj Khalifa, the nose of a metro train and the door of a Skydive Dubai plane (to name a few) is phenomenal. 

The new digital 360-degree Dubai experience officially launches

The freshly launched site allows you to navigate a streetview of the city of Dubai and click into location-pins that launch a 360 experience of that location. We predict hours of your week will be dedicated to exploring the adventures that await on the site...