Happy 10th birthday, Bil Arabi! The Middle Eastern-based jewellery brand, created by Nadine Kanso, is celebrating a decade in the design business with a limited-edition collection, aptly titled Ashra. The collection is part of a two-series story that was designed to "inspire young designers in the region to follow their dreams," says Kanso.

"Ashra, means 10 in Arabic, so each piece is comprised of the number 10 and Arabic letters," continued Kanso. "When designing the pieces, I tried to ensure that the simplistic elements of the design are intertwined with the elegance and formation of the Arabic language and alphabetic and numeric form. I also used the circular shape to emphasis the cycle of this celebration."

Nadine Kanso Bil Arabi

Nadine Kanso's Bil Arabi Ashra collection is available this October. Also see her limited-edition collection with pearl designer Robert Wan.