Breitling unveils its luxury Smartwatch: The Exospace B55

Breitling unveils its luxury Smartwatch: The Exospace B55

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Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Breitling

With one eye on pilots, Breitling's new Smartwatch shows that even the highest of horological pieces can benefit from some new-age technology...

Breilting's luxury Smartwatch, the Exospace B55, is aimed at people who fly airplanes. Developed, assembled, finished and tested entirely in Switzerland, the timepiece might look like an analog watch but it's actually a multi-function electronic chronograph that receives notifications of the smartphone's incoming emails, messages (SMS, WhatsApp) or phone calls (with the caller's name or number) as well as reminders of upcoming appointments, all via two LCD screens.

The LCD screen features a backlighting system that may be activated either by  pressing the crown activating the tilt function — that's when the user tilts his wrist at an angle more than 35-degree. The accompanying smartphone app allows you to pass data from the watch to your phone and vice versa. The exclusive TwinPro strap in two-tone rubber only highlights the watch's exquisite looks as well as its undeniable functionality.

The Breilting Exospace B55 is priced at Dhs33,000 and will be available in stores from late February 2016.

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