Bulgari Bulgari has unveiled its latest collection, Roman Sorbets. Reflecting the Roman principle of la dolce vita – the sweet life – and inspired by the city's penchant for sorbet, the new jewellery line is an evolution of the iconic ring design that has become the brand's trademark. The new pieces, available as pendants, rings or bracelets, are sprinkled with precious gemstones including pink tourmaline, amethyst, sapphire and tsavorite, each one expertly placed by master artisans to elicit optimal shine and maximum sparkle.

Bulgari Roman Sorbets collection

Discover the delectable new Bulgari Bulgari Roman Sorbets collection now with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

The Bulgari Bulgari Roman Sorbets collection is now available at flagship Bulgari stores across the Middle East.