Ever felt physically and emotionally drained but can't really put a finger on the cause? Here's a note from watchmaker Philip Stein: Everything from light bulbs to telephone masts are emitting higher frequencies than our bodies are used to, and we haven't yet adapted to the rapid influence these frequencies have on our performance, the impact to our moods, or even our inner psychology.

Aah! So that's the problem! What's the solution? Get your hands on one of Philip Stein's accessory line where each watch, bracelet and accessory is equipped with Natural Frequency Technology, harnessing positive frequencies that cut through the 'noise', getting us back to a more natural state.

Before you think that these are mere functional pieces, have a look at the materials used in making these items: diamonds, mother of pearl, precious metals, polished steel, crafted leather, alligator and ostrich.

This is an accessory line that not only makes you feel good, but look good too.