Louis Vuitton only started making jewellery 15 years ago, a relatively new development compared with the 162 years since the brand's founding. So how does such an established luxury brand go about exploring the new territory of the world of luxury jewellery, whilst continuing to uphold the values of its established products and brand identity? 

Simply put, the answer to come from Louis Vuitton, is to use the elements upon which the brand was built – the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram. The instantly recognisable pattern of alternating flowers in a circle, stars and the intertwined L and V insignia, is prominently displayed on the house's many handbags, luggage lines and eyewear and beauty collections and has become the unmistakably iconic emblem of the house of Louis Vuitton. 

When it came to designing the new Idylle collection of jewellery for Louis Vuitton, there was no need to look any further. The monogrammed jewels sit perfectly in the space between fresh and young and brand-true. Hoop earrings stay fluid with dangling star and flower charms arranged between diamond studs, in different configurations and gold finishes, so that those who wish to mix and match, can. Necklaces come in long slender chains that bear either one single motif or a variation in succession around the entire chain, this easy to wear style is mirrored in the delicate bracelet designs. The collection is the perfect balance between catching a modern fresh take, and honouring the luxury heritage of the house.