MB&F unveil its Horological Machine No. 6 Space Pirate

MB&F unveil its Horological Machine No. 6 Space Pirate

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Drawing inspiration from the 'Captain Future' science fiction series, MB&F’s newest wrist offering offers a unique take on horology, which plays with the idea of space exploration

The Horological Machine No. 6 (HM6) Space Pirate was created by the notoriously technical Swiss watchmaker MB&F, and showcases some of the finest craftsmanship in the world of watchmaking – inspired by a make-believe future.

The fragmented face of the slick watch features four bulbed domes that host a myriad of things, including hours and minutes indicators. The Space Pirate's main element however is its centralised moving tourbillon which appears independent from the rest of the watch's aerospace-grade titanium casing.  With 68 jewels featured within the timepiece, the HM6 took 4 years of research and development – consisting of 475 components – and continues MB&F’s strong legacy of the finest artisanship and creativity. 

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