Following on from the Gemstone creations, Cartier unveils a dazzling showcase of new precious stones and meanings in the Amulette de Cartier collection. The already adored collection is designed with a magical purpose — a lucky charm, a secret message, a wish. This season Cartier introduces three material newbies. Discover their inspiring meanings with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

Guilloché gold: For a ray of light 

A sun-like disc, a drop of light, undulating with radiant waves, a source of energy and radiance, for plenitude, the path before you, sparkling joy, the unexpected. 

Discover the Amulette de Cartier collection

Malachite: For good luck

The gemstone of travellers, for luck and hope, for great expectations, for all that guides and leads, for a chance bestowed, a surprise that makes an impression, for success along the way... 

Discover the Amulette de Cartier collection

Snakewood: For a touch of reassurance 

Summoning good luck and dispelling misfortune, for mastering the way of the world, enabling the momentum that makes all things possible. 

Discover the Amulette de Cartier collection

Cartier de Amulette is now available at Cartier boutiques across the Middle East.