São Paulo Fashion Week: Apartamento 03 Fall/Winter '17

São Paulo Fashion Week: Apartamento 03 Fall/Winter '17


Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: fotosite

Buro 24/7 Middle East was front row at Apartamento 03's Fall/Winter '17 runway show. Discover the first looks of the collection here...

Luiz Cláudio's Apartamento 03 Fall/Winter '17 collection was an edited story of wanderlust. Delicate butterflies danced across sheer structures, while others fluttered on fabric in silky white. The story however started with a bolder colour palette in navy blue, black and tan while fabrics were firm in wool injected with lamé. 

Cuts consisted of jumpsuits, blazers and open sleeved gloves before diversifying into velvet kaftans, suits and separates with sparking threads sewn threw like a spiders web in the rain.

Discover the Apartamento 03 collection now...

Then view the Gig show also from São Paulo Fashion Week.

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