Models with iridescent yellow and orange hair highlights ruled the runway at Versace this season. Dressed in dynamic shape-shifting silhouettes emblazoned with the words 'courageous', 'unified', 'love' and 'loyalty', a powerful message transpired as sling-back stiletto-wielding warriors walked the square runway. 

Directing attention to the detail of the dresses were hoodies and beanies, which made way for cool new cuts on necklines. Every look was accentuated with a fierce selection of materials that glistened under the night light. It was a night where women were the subject, and the subject was unapologetically female empowerment – a common thread in the Versace story.

Leading the V-pack were Gigi, Kendall and Bella with Amber Valletta closing the show. See the Versace Fall/Winter '17 collection now... 

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