Turning her back on the archives for this collection Donatella opened up to a modern-day Versace. Drawing on the social media revolution for inspiration, this season's looks display digital symbolism, hashtags, @signs, emojis and emoticons are skillfully intertwined into designs. Keeping Versace traditions alive, the collection started with beautifully tailored garments accentuated with renowned Greek print under layers. Big bold belts were used as a seamless transition into sentosa pink and lemon curd capes and this season's reoccurring fur features as a shaggy jaundiced jacket.

It was in the final six looks that the verbosity began, with colourful lettering placed randomly – yet still regaining the Italian brands signature – on the glistening fabric beneath. Vibrant sequins were used in abundance upon sheer fabrics and dark features creating an eye-popping vision. To back up her daring choices for this season Donatella had this to say: "This is my Versace for today, and forever. #Greek symbolises everything: The traditions of craftsmanship and the Greek key, the emoji of the future."