The London College of Fashion is taking up the mantle from the V&A and honouring the late Alexander McQueen in a new show, Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up, that shines a spotlight on the designer's fantastical and creative use of beauty looks in his fashion presentations. The exhibition will launch on April 30 and will be staged in the college's Fashion Space Gallery. 

Many famous make-up artists will be featured as the exhibit explores 22 different beauty looks devised and employed by McQueen. Themes include 'amplified' where model's facial features have been intentionally distorted; 'deviated', which focusses on body make-up and also 'stripped,' which looks at the more conventionally polished looks. 

A partnership between the college and London creative digital studio, Holition, will afford show goers the opportunity to virtually try on two key make up looks from the catalogue, including; the rain-drenched mascara from his spring 1998 show Untitled and the sinister, clown-like make-up in his fall 2001 show, What A Merry Go Round

Curator Polona Dolzan commented that McQueen's "completely open attitude towards experimentation allowed for his make-up team to test, innovate and push the boundaries of their discipline. All avenues were pursued to achieve the look just how he imagined it."

This exhibition comes off the back of the V&A's recent Savage Beauty exhibition, which showcased the memorable and subversive fashion looks from the designer's tragically short career. London is in the midst of a McQueen celebration. And why not. 

LCF McQueen

LCF McQueen