Jean Paul Gaultier has revealed a new collaboration with Swarovski and has partnered with the iconic crystal house to create a new bespoke gem. The Gaultier-designed crystal is a double-faced stone that is being called 'Kaput'. 

Gaultier told WWD of the name: “Kaput — it means what it means; it’s a broken stone,” adding "What’s incredible is that it’s reversible, one color on one side, another color on the other side, and there are fractures. It’s very Cubist and Art Deco-ish in a way.”

The new stone premiered in Gaultier's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 15 collection last week in Paris.

The designer also revealed his plans to create more costume jewellery, as he no longer works on ready-to-wear collections for his eponymous fashion label: “I want to find new ideas, new ways of doing things, look at the details on the cuts,” the 62-year-old creative explained. Enthusing that he loved the piece he made for Charmed actress Rose McGowan (pictured below) – which is almost a crystal wig, or “a mix of ‘Metropolis,’ Cleopatra, Art Deco and disco ball,” as Gaultier put it.

Jean Paul Gaultier partners with Swarovski to create new crystal