Hermès launches La Maison des Carres online

Hermès launches La Maison des Carres online

Wrapping things up

Created to sit alongside the mainline website which launched in 2001, Hermès has created

The interactive world of is Hermès' first dedicated virtual home for its iconic women's silk scarf collections. It's a portal with as many 'rooms' as there are scarves, which encompass a treasure chamber, a saloon, a cinema, a colour mixing kitchen... And even a little boys' bedroom.

Hermes launches

Described as "like Alice exploring Wonderland, the visitor is may wander freely around the house, going wherever their whim leads; a journey which brings with it a myriad of happy surprises and encounters."

Hermès deems the site both an online store offering an exceptionally broad range, and a place of delightful, constantly evolving experiences, telling the story of Hermès silk, "In an entertaining and unconventional way," explains Bali Barret, Artistic Director of the women's universe at Hermès. Over six hundred models of silk squares, shawls, twillys, scarves and stoles are featured on the site... With a functionality set up that means whatever the time, city, country or device; it takes just a few minutes to find the perfect scarf in three easy clicks.

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