Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko finds inspiration in a form of austerity for her Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 15 collection. Claiming that post-Soviet communal apartments, for the fallen aristocracy, was the point of influence for this collection. Calling upon a controversial chapter in Russia's history, was her method of highlighting the current-day issues facing the Russian economy, once again telling a story through fabric. 

The designs aptly portrayed "new modesty in shapes, colours, decorations" there was no abundance of fabric or opulence, as is so often the case in Haute Couture. Instead, Sergeenko managed to evoke a sense of scarcity with bare shoulders and slim silhouettes and open leg slits. Despite her rationing of embellishment, details still appeared in wonderful simplicity through seams and folds. Her expert tailoring and use of rich hues retained an undercurrent of the nobility.