Four decades in the fashion industry is a long time, and an incredible achievement, and to celebrate his 40th anniversary, iconic Italian designer Giorgio Armani has created a new bag – and all we know about it is its name; Le Sac 11.

To tease the new creation, Armani have unveiled images of the Le Sac 11 – with just the leather camel-coloured handles visible, and the rest of the bag concealed within a box. It's smart marketing, and certainly has us keen to see the accessory in full...

Giorgio Armani won't keep us waiting too long, as he plans to unveil the celebratory bag during Paris and Milan Fashion Week later this month at a special event. Milan shoppers will be able to purchase the collectors item from March 1, and Paris' residents will be able to get their hands on it four days later at the luxury concept store L’Eclaireur.

Le Sac 11 will be available in limited-editions in three sizes; small, medium and large. There are also various choices for colourways and finishes including; crocodile skin, tanned leather, and calfskin. The bag draws its name from the brand's lucky number '11': Giorgio Armani was born on July 11 in 1934, and the double-digit is also the street number of the Armani headquarters in Milan, Italy.

Le Sac 11 will be available at Giorgio Armani boutiques worldwide in April 2015