Central Saint Martins graduate Gareth Pugh victoriously celebrated his return to London Fashion Week with a formidable display of patriotism, choosing the Victoria and Albert Museum as his backdrop, he plunged the whole room into darkness and the show opened with a film projection directed by Ruth Hogben – known for her work with the likes of Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton. The footage showcased a fierce looking woman coarsely hacking off her long blonde hair and spreading red paint over her face depicting the Saint George's flag.

The models soon came marching down a dimly lit runway with similar red St George's crosses smeared onto their faces, proudly wearing furs, metallics, leathers and metres of beautiful silks – with Pugh depicting a modern-day armour in his London comeback. Thanks to protective leather gilets paired with billowing maxi skirts and bulky padded down tops and jackets, the models looked ready for battle. Accessories included wide breasted belts, ferocious looking hats with chains dripping off them and metal coated boots.