A new health bill is to be debated in the French Parliament today, which aims to ban super skinny models from working on French campaigns and on French runways. The government hopes to put its weight behind to the new bill, which many expect to be passed successfully. 

If successful, the new law will see modelling agencies face hefty fines of up to $79,000 or even a jail sentence, if their models do not pass a mandatory weight check that requires models to possess a minimum body mass index of 18. 

It is not just the agencies that face penalties, models will also be accountable, and will be required to present medical certificates as part of contractual proceedings for jobs. 

The bill is designed to incentivise good health practices in the fashion industry and to encourage healthy body images in models and the wider population that is influenced by the visual output of the fashion world. With the French capital, Paris, acting as such an international fashion hub this could effect other fashion capitals around the world. Do you think this is the right way to go about it? Is it possible that such focus on model's weight could cause further body image issues?