Former Jimmy Choo chief creative officer and co-founder of the famous London based shoe emporium, Tamara Mellon, is still experiencing separation problems since her exit from the company on 2011. Mellon has sent a legal cease and desist letter to Pierre Denis, the company's chief executive officer, in response to "unlawful behaviour." 

Mellon claims that Jimmy Choo have been organising for a number of Italian manufacturers to refuse business to her, making it very difficult for her to continue with her own work. The letter from Mellon's lawyer reads: "Jimmy Choo has engaged in a course of conduct aimed at impairing our clients' business by restricting its ability to source production capacity from the key suppliers to manufacture luxury leather products, including shoes, bags and accessories." 

A spokesman for Jimmy Choo made a statement in response: "We have received a letter which is being evaluated. Our initial assessment is that the complaint has no merit and will be vigorously contested," the statement read. "We plan to make no further comment until the process is completed." 

This is not the first indication of a rocky separation between Choo and Mellon, as Buro 24/7 Middle East reported in 2013, Mellon made some public confessions about Choo's design style, read them again here.