Following Apple's 'Spring Forward' revelations and big reveals last night in California, where a number of new upgrades were highlighted, including a new super-thin Macbook and lots of new information about Apple Pay technology and integration, the big news was of course the Apple Watch. As the tech world, which does hype pretty well, is now fusing with the fashion world, which is the master of hype, we can expect fanfare and build-up surrounding the April 10 preorder date (it doesn't ship until April 24 remember) like we've never seen before... 

Landmark fashion stores in Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong-Kong have already revealed plans for their tantalising exhibitions of the wearable tech piece, which is teetering on the brink of becoming a recognised fashion accessory. In Paris, Galeries Lafayette will give the installation pride of place on the highly visible first floor, Isetan in Tokyo is going for the ground floor and Selfridges in London is putting the smartwatch in its 'Wonder Room'.

"The experience of shopping for an Apple Watch is a deeply personal one. The department stores and specialty stores that we're working with are some of the best in the world at offering such experiences, so it was natural for us to see our product there," said Paul Deneve, Apple's vice president of special projects who joined the tech company after years helming fashion houses including Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Nina Ricci. "Given the very focused distribution that we've pursued for this launch, every door that sells Apple Watch will provide a unique experience for every customer that walks in."

Deneve, isn't joking, even boutiques such as Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Colette in Paris, Maxfield in LA and The Corner in Berlin, to name a few, will cherry pick and curate a stripped down selection of their chosen versions of the watch for sale from April 24. That will certainly make for a personal experience, backed by fashion kudos. 

Deneve, with his fashion background, is well placed to launch the charm offensive on the fashion industry, which Apple has clearly identified as a key component in the campaign to assert the smartwatch's market power. Apple has the tech side covered, but with cool names like Dover Street Market and Colette anointing a fashion nod of approval on the design, the stratosphere is the limit. 

Fashion's key retailers get behind the Apple Watch

Fashion's key retailers get behind the Apple Watch