Erdem channels a touch of the Spanish golden age in an Autumn/Winter 15 collection that drew inspiration from the paintings of Diego Velazquez. The Spanish painter, focused mostly on portraiture and his subjects were often Royalty or European nobility. 

London Fashion Week: Erdem Autumn/Winter 15

This influence translated to Erdem's collection through the placement of concertina-pleat collars (a look that was achieved by a machine that was built specifically for the job) and heavy (looking) boned velvet and rich lace all took care of the noble-air without any trouble. The consciously short hem lines, were the vital element of balance that kept the affair feeling fresh and modern, when it could have looked like a dusty relic from the 15th century. 

The collection was weighted in black and cream tones, but a flurry of floral colour blossomed onto the catwalk in combinations of silvery blue and red as well as golden yellow with blue. A texture accented the collection by way of a wet-look crocodile stamped leather that came in coats and minis, which lent a retro feel to this accomplished and beautiful collection.